Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank A Democrat For the Health Care Debacle

This evening I was reading back through my archives from early last year, and it began to dawn on me how ugly things were getting. We were still just beginning to grasp what was wrong with the economy so people were still scared of the unknown. Because of that, and because we were still congratulating ourselves on being post-racial, the Obama administration had carte blanche to reach government into any and all aspects of our lives.

Then came health care reform.

Democrats wanted it shoved through quickly because they knew that once the people began to look at it closely, they wouldn't like what they saw. Unfortunately, the people figured it out quicker than the Democrats anticipated they would. The quagmire that has been health care reform has devoured much of the Obama Administration's socializing momentum and finally allowed the electorate to take a step back and really look at what they elected.

If Obama is as politically astute as Bill Clinton, he may still bounce back from this. But he will never accomplish the things he had hoped to prior to tilting at this windmill.

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Chris said...

Health care where Liberal hopes and dreams go to die.