Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Right, Jealous?

I am finding it strange that so many protesters in Wisconsin are directing class warfare themes at the right. I can tell you that the right is not driven by class warfare, and I can tell you who absolutely cannot survive without it: Union Bosses. Their entire power and place in society is dependent upon stoking the fires of jealousy and class warfare. If the people they represented actually realized that they don't have it bad at all, they'd be a little more willing to consider life without their mandatory union dues. So rank and file union members, consider this. If I wanted your job, I'd already have it. It didn't take much exploration of the public sector (and I did explore it) for me to realize that I would resent the absence of meritocracy, though. The next time you want to toss your class warfare themes this way, stop a moment to consider the fact that your real bosses in the unions, most of whom make 6 figures, are utterly reliant on you believing those very class warfare themes.


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