Friday, June 24, 2011

Uhhh, No.

I am flummoxed by this:

While the neighbor succeeded in scaring off the bear, Conway said the Game Commission does not recommend shooting at bears, especially in heavily populated areas.

Instead of firing a weapon, you should "yell, scream and holler" at the bear, lifting your arms to make yourself appear bigger, Conway said. You can also throw rocks or sticks at the bear if it's not scared off by the screaming, he said.

The bear was interested in a 2 year old holding candy. If a bear approaches my two year old for ANY reason, I'm not firing two shots into the ground first. My first shot will be right between that predator's eyes. And the second. And the third. Until I'm out of bullets or my two year old is safe because that threat is dead.

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Dad29 said...

For those purposes, a .357Mag, .44Mag, or 10mm would be very handy.