Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random Election Thoughts

* The euphoria over the electoral sea change needs to be short lived because the current balance in Washington might be a formula for disaster. Already the word "gridlock" is being tossed around. The Republicans can win with some targeted, meaningful gridlock. But general gridlock plays right into the hands of the Democrat marketing machine, and they know it.

* I know this won't please many people, but this isn't the 2 year election cycle for ideological purity, I'm afraid. If things aren't better in two years, 2012 could be a blood bath. Republicans must be able to show that they accomplished some important things.

* Stow away there word "mandate." This isn't one. It was more like a repudiation.

* There is no way government healthcare gets overturned. The numbers aren't there for it. Voters gave Republicans one bullet by giving them the House. Battles that can be won will reside largely in the budget.

* As for Wisconsin, Governor Doyle pulled the ultimate screw job on the state with his secret deal with the Feds to get the kind-of-but-not-really high speed train contracts signed. Scott Walker and Republicans may have to bog the entire project down in environmental studies and red tape in order to kill it.

* If there isn't concealed carry and voter ID in 2 years, then I may vote to toss the bums out. At the state level, it is time for Republicans to get some things done.


Dad29 said...

Battles that can be won will reside largely in the budget.

...which is where the ObamaCare battle will be (largely) won.

De-fund HHS, de-fund the IRS health-spies, de-fund every other damn thing about ObamaCare that you can find...

Jib said...

Unfortunately, I think we have to be very, very cautious in doing that. Defunding while leaving the legislation in place could open up a huge gap in health care coverage.