Friday, November 05, 2010

Talgo Smells Fishy

Today Talgo, the Spanish train manufacturer that is a special friend of soon-to-be former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, announce that they may not be able to stay in Milwaukee if the Madison to Milwaukee kind-of-but-not-so high speed rail line isn't built.

Pardon me, but I detect a foul marine odor.

A train line between two metropolitan areas that aren't what one would call major should not be enough to make a manufacturing site viable or not viable. Even if that location services the trains, that would not be enough to support 125 employees.

Frankly, and I had this suspicion from early on, I don't think that Talgo's Milwaukee presence was ever meant to be long term.

Governor Doyle went to Spain. Shortly after, we learn that Talgo has the contract for this line. And Talgo announces plans for Milwaukee. In the world of scummy politicians like Jim Doyle, it translated like this to me: We (Wisconsin) give you the contract for these trains. You scratch our (democrats, specifically, Jim Doyle's) back by building those trains in Milwaukee so we have added leverage. Afterward, stay or go, it doesn't matter because we will have our choo choo and you will have your money.

Am I speculating? Certainly. But nothing about this meets a basic logic sniff test. Nothing.

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Dad29 said...

You're right.

Talgo put ZERO dollars into the factory, and then got caught in what appears to be blatant discriminatory practices on hiring.

So they have no vested interest, AND they have the possibility of losing a lawsuit (or several...)