Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary claims an 'oops'

By now most of us have seen the two videos.  In one, Hillary Clinton claims to have dodged sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia 12 years ago when leaving an airport.  In the other, we see Hillary being greated by children at said airport with a younger Chelsea watching.  Now her campaign says 'oops, that's not what she meant.'
The absurdity of the idea that the Secret Service would allow a First Lady to enter an area as hot as Mrs. Clinton described notwithstanding, what lead her to decide to embellish a story like that?  She's lived in the video age her entire life.  Did she not think that some news organization out there would still have video of her trip to Bosnia?  Did she not think that people on that trip would remember what really happened.
If you are running for office, you just aren't allowed to tell fishing stories.  You get caught in your embellishments.  This shows bad judgement and a certain lack of political sense on her part.  She had the chance to starve Obama of momentum while she sets up a convention floor battle.  Instead, this story hands the momentum right back to him.  There will probably still be a convention battle, but she needs every once of credibility she can get going into it.  Stupid moves like this don't accomplish that.

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