Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well Spoken Words on Fitna

From the folks at Power Line:

So, let's see: Fitna says that a propensity to violence is inherent in Islam, a deeply controversial proposition. The film can't be shown anywhere because people are afraid of...something. So instead, the film is posted online, where millions of people view it. But after 24 hours or so, the film is taken down because threats of violence are made by...someone. I dunno, it's really puzzling. The one thing that everyone agrees on is that it's ridiculous to think that Muslims can be violent. So the headchopping threats must be coming from...someone else.

And yet some will still go out of their way to excuse...someone else...because some other Muslims aren't violent. The fact is a not insignificant minority of Muslims are fanatically violent, enough so to present a threat to life and liberty across the globe. Ignoring this fact accomplishes nothing but paying that problem forward.

I will add one thing, even though I really shouldn't have to do so but I know somebody will comment to the contrary if I do not. I do not believe that all or even a majority of Muslims are violent threats. I, like many others, have come to know Muslim men and women over the years. I've liked and respected them, but I harbor no doubt that there is small but very significant number of Muslims willing and enthusiastic about pursuing violent ends. In and of itself, that would be manageable. The problem lies in the sizable number of Muslims who are not violent but theologically empathetic to the violent members of their religion. It is that empathetic support network that amplifies the impact of the violent fanatics.

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