Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why are we so stunned?

By this:

Harry Morse, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Game, said Miller was killed by the 5-year-old bear during the making of a promotional video for Randy Miller's Predators in Action center. The bear's fate has not been decided.

The bear, named Rocky, recently appeared in the Will Ferrell sports comedy "Semi-Pro." Center owner Randy Miller, the victim's cousin, was a stunt double for Ferrell in a wrestling match with the bear.

A trained bear is still a bear. A cute bear is still a bear. A professional might be able to control a lot of a predator's conduct, but the one thing that none of them will ever be able to control for is the fact that they are still working with a predator. As such, it may attack with no provocation.

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