Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Biden: Stimulus to "Drop Kick" Economy

Ol' Joe Biden says that the stimulus is going to "Drop Kick" the economy.

But the press isn't reporting all that Joe said. Luckily, you have this intrepid blogger to tell you the rest of what ol' Joe said.

As the discussion progressed, Biden also said that:

-He and Obama were going to body slam the unemployment rate.
-The Obama administration would lock Iran up in a figure-four leg lock.
-He asked Afghanistan if they smelled what Barack was cookin'.
-He also indicated that the U.S. would gladly take China on in a Lumberjack match.
-Declared that Biden 3:16 says that he (Biden) just kicked Sarah Palin's ass.

In all seriousness, I just saw video of Biden talking. Is that a bruise on his forehead, or did he go after himself with a Sharpie?

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