Friday, February 20, 2009

Bill Clinton is Right

You aren't going to see that headline very often around here, but former President Clinton is right. President Obama does need to switch off his apocalyptic rhetoric on the economy:

Now, former President Clinton says he thinks President Barack Obama should talk more optimistically about the prospects that the nation will recover from its current deep economic woes.

Clinton said he wants Obama to assure the people that America will surmount this problem. But at the same time, the former president said in an interview broadcast Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that "I like the fact that he didn't come in and give us a bunch of happy talk."

A president who blows smoke on the economy isn't very useful, either, mind you, but there is a mass psychology component to any deep economic recession. A president needs to be able to strike a cautious tone on the topic of the bad economy while conveying long term optimism. What happened to the hope, President Obama?

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