Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gregg Backs Out of Post He Never Should Have Accepted

Senator Judd Gregg decides Commerce Secretary won't work for him:

Sen. Judd Gregg abruptly withdrew his nomination as commerce secretary Thursday, telling Politico that he “couldn’t be Judd Gregg” and serve in Barack Obama’s Cabinet.

The White House — where some aides were caught off guard by the withdrawal — initially responded harshly to Gregg’s announcement, portraying the New Hampshire Republican as someone who sought the job and then had a “change of heart.”

Applaud him for eventually make a smart decision, but he never should have been lured to begin with. This wasn't an example of "a team of rivals"; it was an example of a naked political ploy to try to get the Democrats over the 60 senator hump by luring a senator they thought they could control into the cabinet.

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