Saturday, September 22, 2007


I received this email from the Milwaukee Brewers today:

Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets for potential 2007 Division Series games at Miller Park. Unfortunately, your entry was not selected for this ticket offer.

But don't forget, there's still a chance to see the Brewers in the postseason at Miller Park! By entering the Brewers' Postseason Ticket Opportunity, you've also registered to win the chance to purchase tickets to potential 2007 League Championship Series and World Series games at Miller Park. Drawing dates have not yet been determined, but you will receive an e-mail to let you know if you've won the opportunity to purchase tickets to those exciting games!

Thank you for entering, and good luck in future Postseason Ticket Opportunity drawings!


Drat. Oh well, I'm holding out for World Series ducats, anyway.

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