Thursday, September 27, 2007

Other statue ideas for Wisconsin

With a statue of Fonzie on Milwaukee's horizon (an idea I kind of like, by the way), I got to thinking about other statues we should look at erecting here in the state of Wisconsin. The following ideas are just off the top of my head; if you have your own, please share 'em in the comments.

1. In Titanic, Jack Dawson proclaims himself a native of Chippewa Falls who fell through the ice at the then non-existent Lake Wissota. I propose a Jack Dawson statue that sticks through the ice on Lake Wissota every winter. If we could use the actual Leonardo DiCaprio, all the better.

2. This one is a must for this state, but we just have to decide where to put it: Red Foreman with his foot in Eric Foreman's ass. I propose we carve off a portion of the property that the Governor's Mansion is on, name it Point Place, and locate the statue there.

3. How can we not represent Chachi? I propose a statue of Chachi on a corduroy couch. I think this one will have to be located in one of Milwaukee's gentlemen's clubs, though.

4. Port Washington gets a statue of Frank and Carol from "Step by Step". I'm not sure what the final work should look like, but it will definitely include a Thighmaster.

5. Milwaukee gets yet another, this one of Alice Cooper. In Wayne's World, Cooper teaches more Milwaukee history than the Milwaukee School District.

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