Saturday, September 08, 2007

Millard Fillmore's impact on Wisconsin History

Tom McMahon has a post called Rank Then By Their Comedic Potential: 5 Pre-Civil War Presidents and 1 Member of the Ill-Fated 1969 Chicago Cubs. Number one on the list was Millard Fillmore. Funny name indeed, but a significant player in Wisconsin's history. I tried to leave this as a comment at McMahon's site, but comments are down so I'll post it here.

Millard Fillmore, funny name and all, actually played a significant role in Wisconsin's history. Zachary Taylor had signed an order removing all Chippewa Indians to Minnesota. After Taylor died, Chief Buffalo of the Lake Superior Chippewa traveled to D.C. at an advanced age and convinced Fillmore to stay the order. Minus Fillmore's decision to allow them to stay in Wisconsin, there would be no Chippewa in Wisconsin today.

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