Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Then, Finally, They Confiscated Our Sporks

Shocking.  It seems people will kill one another even if they can't get guns:
Britain is redoubling its efforts to stop young people carrying knives, after a volley of fatal teenage stabbings and headlines warning that the country is in the grip of a knife-crime epidemic.

Police have embarked on a stop-and-search operation to retrieve weapons, the government has warned of tougher sentencing for teenage culprits, and a "youth summit" has come up with a $6 million ad campaign to warn of the perils of carrying a knife.

So what does a good, caring, Western nation do?  Well, it starts by confiscating knives from the young.  But it might not stop there.

Another medical expert, Dr. Mike Beckett, argues that it is time to remove sharp knives from kitchens altogether. He says there is no need for the pointed tips that make knives fatal. "What people want in a kitchen knife is the edge," he told the BBC. "The point on the end of the knife actually serves little culinary purpose, but it is the point that kills people."

Next thing you know, you won't be able to own a plastic spork in the UK because of the potentially dangerous tines.  I say why ban objects?  Let's ban fingers instead.

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