Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer fun

Most of southern Wisconsin has been under the gun for severe storms this afternoon, and the system finally made its way here. When the tornado sirens sounded, we were quite ready and got move down there quickly. It wasn't too bad, and after it began to look like the storm had cleared us on the radar, I went upstairs to check. I looked out my deck doors and saw some very, very low clouds over us that were swirling. Then, out of no where, the wind was blowing very hard. Needless to say, I wasted that perfectly good pair of clean underwear. I also haven't moved as quickly as I did en route to the basement since I was 19 or so. Good news is that law enforcement never saw anything touch down, although they did see two separate menacing cloud structures move through town.

So to my fellow southern Wisconsin bloggers and readers still under the gun, take care all. These storms don't seem to be creating widespread damage, but they still aren't fun.

Down we go again. The cat is really pissed off at life. We're not pleased with mother nature.

Update 2
All clear. I think I'll have a stiff drink or three.

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