Saturday, June 07, 2008

Storm Report

After things settled down, I decided to head out to get a few items to make life easier/more enjoyable tonight. I was aware that there were reports that a tornado had touched down on Janesville Avenue here in Fort, so I drove down to take a look. If one did touch down, it didn't do any damage. Interestingly, if one did indeed touch down, it is the third tornado Janesville Avenue has seen in the last six years or so.

There really wasn't much of any damage to be seen around town, although there was some minor flooding. I stopped at a grocery store where I talked with a cashier who worked through the storms. She and many others watched the "tornado" from the store, and they saw much the same thing that I did...a low, rotating cloud mass with strong winds at the surface. Base on what I saw, I'm not prepared to call it a tornado, but it is possible, and I'm quite sure a lot of people in town will have stories of the day they saw the Fort tornado.

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