Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Above My Pay Grade"

I hope the McCain camp understands how powerful those words can be for them. Obama's "Above my pay grade" was a complete cop out, and it was one that opens up for questioning whether the presidency is above his pay grade. The McCain camp wants to show Obama unqualified for the presidency, and Obama gave them a gift with that answer. If they can't capitalize on it, we may be looking at an election where neither candidate deserves the office.

Of course, when Republican VP hopeful Tom Ridge is saying that a pro-abortion VP is acceptable to the Republican base, perhaps we are looking at an election where all common sense is turned on its head. If McCain were to go with Ridge, I'd instantly understand his strategy: Get all conservatives to stay home while trying to win as many Rockefeller Republicans and Democrats as possible. Unfortunately for the Original Maverick, that's a losing strategy.

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