Sunday, August 31, 2008

Overheard About Sarah Palin

I've had a busy weekend. I've been out and about, and whenever political conversations have started near me, my ears have perked up. I'll be honest, I've eavesdropped on every one of the conversations. I've listened in on conversations at a barber shop, a couple of bars, and a restaurant, and here's what I've learned. In each and every one of those conversations, there has been both universal disbelief at the choice of Palin, and some very serious concerns about her experience. But that's when something interesting happened in each conversation. The topic moved from her inexperience to Obama's. The people in all of the conversations I listened to began to compare Palin's, the Veep nominee, experience to that of Obama, the Presidential nominee. And the reason that is so interesting is that it negates one of the complaints that I've heard that this choice restrains McCain's ability to question Obama's experience. Frankly, if conversations like this are going on across America, he doesn't need to push the experience topic so much anymore. Her presence on the ticket pushes the topic all by itself, and in a a way that involves the voters via their own conversations.

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