Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weak Criminals

It isn't everyday you hear about a robber armed with a rifle getting overpowered by a female clerk.
A female convenience store clerk wrestled away a robber's rifle Friday night and chased him into a nearby woods near Lake Wissota before police caught up with him a few miles away, according to Chippewa County Sheriff's Department reports.

The clerk told deputies a man entered the store with a rifle and was dressed in dark clothing and wearing a mask. He confronted her while she was stocking coolers near the rear of the store.

The suspect pointed the rifle at her and demanded money from the cash register. He then pointed the rifle toward a wall and fired a round into a display of soda.

The clerk went to the cash register at the front of the store where the suspect gave her a bag and demanded only paper money. She gave the suspect the bag with the money inside and he turned to leave the store.

As the robber began opening the door, the clerk came out from behind the counter and physically confronted the suspect, who had lowered the rifle to put another round in the gun's chamber.

During the struggle between the two, the clerk removed the man's mask. They continued fighting in the parking lot and the live round the suspect was attempting to put in the rifle fell to the ground.

As the struggle continued, the clerk wrestled the rifle and bag of money from the robber. He picked up the rifle and fled into woods behind the store. The clerk identified Larson with yearbook photos.

I love it. I've been at that convenience store a number of times, and I can envision his butt whupping in my head.

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