Sunday, August 17, 2008

May God Help Us

Because, apparently, Democrat politics are going Chicago-style:

2008 is the Year of Chicago.

The core of the Democratic Party is shifting to Chicago where our ruthlessly pragmatic style of politics and governing has produced the next presidential nominee. Only our unique political culture where the patronage-fueled organizations traditionally embrace intellectual reformers at the top of the ticket could have allowed a law professor and progressive legislator's campaign to beat the entrenched status quo of the Democratic Party and produce a stronger message to win in November.

The politics and culture of Houston that generated the current president and holds such a disproportionate impact over the nation's political culture is likely giving way to the politics and culture of Chicago.

I hear the zombie vote will be huge in November.

I must admit that I find it amusing that Johnson-Weinberger is so oblivious to the faults of politics in his city that he chose to flaunt it. I'm sure Obama, faced with the choice, will distance himself from Chicago politics as much as he can.

Be proud of your city, Dan. Just be more aware of its shortcomings.

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