Thursday, September 25, 2008

If I had no other reason to not vote for Obama...

...this one reason would still be enough. The %&$#*@^ Teamsters are wearing my %&$#*@^ phone out with all their %&$#*@^ calls on behalf of Barack Obama. At first, it was live calls. After 3 calls, I started hanging up on them immediately. That seemed to make them call more often. We then told them to stop calling. They didn't, so we just stopped answering when the caller ID read 000-000-0000. Then we started getting recorded calls. And surveys. I will say, I stopped the surveys (they had horribly slanted questions) by answering with the most right wing answers I could. They are worse than any telemarketer I experienced before the no call list. They are on my last nerve. And finally, this is the most dogged they've been over the last three elections, and I don't trust the reasons why they are pestering for Obama.

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