Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Is The Most Repgunant Thing I've Ever Seen


I hope they hold true to their poll, because "give birth" is running away with things right now. But I hope they give the child up for adoption. He or she deserves parents that want it and not parents that are willing to offer up his or her life to the whims of total strangers on the internet. This is truly the most awful thing I've seen in my lifetime, and these two people are terrible human beings; not because they are willing to consider abortion, but because they are so cowardly that they are willing to forfeit the decision to a mass of strangers. It has taken a long time for the internet to truly revolt me, but finally it has.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Re FDA Regulation

So, the FDA is looking at restricting or banning alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine.

Does that mean that your rum & Coke, Jack & Coke are next? What about all of those Red Bull mixers?

Is this really something the FDA needs to wade into?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gluttons For Punishment

So, your leader leads you to the edge of a cliff, and then over said precipice. And then you put her back into her leadership position. In other areas of life, that makes you a masochist. Or in other words, a Russ Feingold supporter.

Retasking An Old Quote

If you make airline security kind of pervy, only pervs will be willing to fly. Or willing to work in the TSA.


I regret supporting John McCain's decision to make Sarah Palin his VP choice.

I still think that it was the best choice he had, but as we've seen, even a little identity politics wasn't enough to vault his moribund candidacy into an actual competition with Barack Obama.

Now the right is stuck with a person who has ample supporters but who has absolutely no chance of unseating President Obama. And rightfully so. As dreadful as Obama is, even I think his 4 miserable years of experience in the office would put him head and shoulders above Palin. IF she were the Republican nominee, I would have to seriously, seriously contemplate my vote in 2012. I'm not sure I can vote for her.

There is no gender bias in my opinion on this. I hope for a female or a minority star to emerge with 'presidential stuff' from the right. She isn't it. I'll give her credit, I think she has really worked hard towards that end in the past 2 years. But even with hard work in the next 2 years, I can't see it. If she keeps working, there is a chance that I'd see her as presidential in 2016 0r 2020. Maybe, if she really works on that resume. At the current time, no way. And I really don't want to see the right carrying that albatross around its neck going into 2012.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Economics Lesson

So we've embarked on the policy of 'quantitative easing' to fix the economy. In other words, to solve the economic struggles we brought on ourselves by spending money we don't have, our government is going to get us out of this by spending money it doesn't have.

Isn't that kind of like trying to get yourself out of an active heart attack by eating a Triple Baconator?

Dan Bice, Investigative Reporter by Day...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice is an unassuming investigative report by day but behind the disguise is the superhero Captain Obvious!

Today, via his investigative column, Captain Obvious shines the bright light on ... Wisconsin Governor Elect Scott Walker. Captain Obvious tells us that the universally hated road builders, when given a choice between a candidate that supports spending $800 million in federal money on not-so-very-fast train, and a candidate that wants to try to get that money converted for use on crumbling road infrastructure in the state, chose the candidate that wants the money used for roads!

Great job, Captain Obvious! Your crack reporting shows us what we could have already guessed yet again!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Native American Mascots, From a Diferent Vantage Point

I had a conversation tonight with the lovely Mrs. Jib about Native American nicknames/logos/mascots. She came from a school that falls into that category. Frankly, this isn't a topic I care much about one way or the other. I think those who oppose them could do much better things with their time if they visited a reservation and lifted a finger to actually help real, breathing, Native Americans, whether with their hard work or their check books. And I think the defenders could improve their communities by taking any passions for these nicknames and using them instead to improve their hometowns. But my conversation with the lovely Mrs. Jib did teach me something.

The people in these communities? They aren't making fun of Native Americans. They aren't even ambivalent about them. They are fiercely proud of their association with them. And that gets lost in these debates. Opponents (and sorry, more often they are bleeding heart whites than actual Native Americans) often immediately tar supporters as racists, but it just isn't the case. Sometimes people are misguided and cartoonish in their portrayals, and that's wrong. But it doesn't change the pride people have in their communities' ties to Native America. You don't see American communities calling their schools the 'Brown Shirts' or the 'Grand Wizards'.

By scouring Native American references from our high schools and colleges, what we might be effectively doing is scouring Native America itself from the day to day conscience of most Americans. Face it, for most people, an encounter with an actual Native American is an extreme rarity. By removing their reference from daily life, we might be further removing any curiosity about the harsh realities of modern Native American life and increasing the likelihood that the stereotypes will win over.

Ted Koppel, You Had Me Until "Walter Cronkite"

Ted Koppel writes a nice little piece in the Washington Post lamenting the loss of 'objectivity' in the news media. He even had me buying in a bit until this:

Much of the American public used to gather before the electronic hearth every evening, separate but together, while Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Frank Reynolds and Howard K. Smith offered relatively unbiased accounts of information that their respective news organizations believed the public needed to know.

Please. Walter Cronkite? This is the man who broke the bonds of objectivity for the news media when he decided to editorialize on the Vietnam War. I don't care if you think he was right or wrong in doing so; you cannot argue that he made a giant leap into the subjective when he did.

This has been one of my long standing criticisms of journalism. Pure objectivity is impossible. You cannot report a news story in a way that anyone will pay attention by just stating the facts. Some, a rare few, make an admirable attempt at objectivity, but subjectivity always creeps into marketable news. Always. I prefer an open honesty about that subjectivity over trying to pretend to the objective while winning the public over to your side. Open subjectivity is not without its flaws, but I'll take it over converting from the shadows.

China Builds Fifteen Story Hotel in Six Days

True story. You can read more about it in my new book, "Buildings Jib Has Chosen Not To Die In". (HT Norm McDonald for that comedic styling)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Talgo Smells Fishy

Today Talgo, the Spanish train manufacturer that is a special friend of soon-to-be former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, announce that they may not be able to stay in Milwaukee if the Madison to Milwaukee kind-of-but-not-so high speed rail line isn't built.

Pardon me, but I detect a foul marine odor.

A train line between two metropolitan areas that aren't what one would call major should not be enough to make a manufacturing site viable or not viable. Even if that location services the trains, that would not be enough to support 125 employees.

Frankly, and I had this suspicion from early on, I don't think that Talgo's Milwaukee presence was ever meant to be long term.

Governor Doyle went to Spain. Shortly after, we learn that Talgo has the contract for this line. And Talgo announces plans for Milwaukee. In the world of scummy politicians like Jim Doyle, it translated like this to me: We (Wisconsin) give you the contract for these trains. You scratch our (democrats, specifically, Jim Doyle's) back by building those trains in Milwaukee so we have added leverage. Afterward, stay or go, it doesn't matter because we will have our choo choo and you will have your money.

Am I speculating? Certainly. But nothing about this meets a basic logic sniff test. Nothing.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

He was seen at BK with Elvis and Tupac... 3, 2, 1...


I've decided that our personal economics aren't getting better fast enough, so I've decided to print off additional pay checks, and I'm going to use that money to buy off some of our debt. I don't see anyone having a problem with that, do you?

Disclaimer: Jib and his family will not actually be printing off additional paychecks. That would be stupid. Kind of like printing a bunch of money would be.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Horror Story, as Told by the Left

Okay, I have more friends from across the political aisle than your average political person. A lot more. And I've tried to be empathetic and to pull them back from their personal ledges, but it is getting absurd to the point of hilarity. Based on the things I've heard, here is a collective snapshot of how Democrats view the world this morning:

Sometime in the last 6 months, the simpleton, sheep American voter was infected with a form of crazy that gestated yesterday. These drones, even more mindless than they were before, who just 2 years ago were Einsteins, each of them, voted for Republicans. They may have eaten some babies and kicked some puppies along the way because they are uncaring beasts. Anyway, they gave one chamber of congress back to Republicans, and tipped power in some states, which is further proof that they can't be trusted to look after their own interests and need Democrats in power to do that for them.

In some places, the sun actually did not rise this morning for the first time in human history as the drones roamed the hillsides, hungry for the sweet-meated hearts of Democrats. The next two years portend much misery. Women will be reverted to the 19th century, their vote taken away while they are confined to home to make babies and cook. The very large national gay community will be rounded up and placed on deserted islands to live or die. And if you are racial minority, woe is you. Because they all hate you and see no redeemable qualities in you.

The economy will collapse for all but the richest one percent of us or those who make over $100,000 (whichever, the selfish bastards). While everyone else is forced to fight for scraps to eat and are over taken by plagues, the richest one percent or those who make over $100,000 (whichever, the selfish bastards) will get even richer in a closed economy purged of the other 99% or those who make under $100,000. Some may actually leave the country, unlike the other times they've said that, because the utopias of Canada and Mexico are the only safe havens left.

The only hope is that in 2 years, the one and his disciples will rise again as the crazy starts to wear off from the drones. Then the world will be redeemed from the 6 or 7 hate filled old white men who have wreaked such devastation on us all.

The left in this country sure can be melodramatic and apoplectic. If we collected the vision of all them, it would make for one hell of a horror story.

Random Election Thoughts

* The euphoria over the electoral sea change needs to be short lived because the current balance in Washington might be a formula for disaster. Already the word "gridlock" is being tossed around. The Republicans can win with some targeted, meaningful gridlock. But general gridlock plays right into the hands of the Democrat marketing machine, and they know it.

* I know this won't please many people, but this isn't the 2 year election cycle for ideological purity, I'm afraid. If things aren't better in two years, 2012 could be a blood bath. Republicans must be able to show that they accomplished some important things.

* Stow away there word "mandate." This isn't one. It was more like a repudiation.

* There is no way government healthcare gets overturned. The numbers aren't there for it. Voters gave Republicans one bullet by giving them the House. Battles that can be won will reside largely in the budget.

* As for Wisconsin, Governor Doyle pulled the ultimate screw job on the state with his secret deal with the Feds to get the kind-of-but-not-really high speed train contracts signed. Scott Walker and Republicans may have to bog the entire project down in environmental studies and red tape in order to kill it.

* If there isn't concealed carry and voter ID in 2 years, then I may vote to toss the bums out. At the state level, it is time for Republicans to get some things done.

Congrats to my Conservative Friends

Kudos to all of you, and I hope you heartily enjoy tonight. I'll be the first to admit that I've basically sat out the past 2 years, so I consider this victory yours, but it still was fun to watch. Let's do ourselves a favor, though. The gloating ends quickly. The voters did not vindicate the ideas of the right. They rejected those of the left. The right, even though disadvantaged still, must ensure that the current mess gets cleaned up in 2 years. 2 YEARS. This is not the time for games, or we'll watch 1996 replay itself, I guarantee it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lessons in Losing

Okay, I've wanted to write this post in the past, but I've been holding it because it seems more significant to say these things in victory. Tonight, I write this to my Democrat friends (and some who don't particularly like me that much). But to my Republican friends, I recommend you read this, because it is advice that may be significant as soon as the next election cycle.

1) The other party isn't your mortal enemy. Seriously. Many of you caricature them in horrible ways, though. But remember, neither party is interested in driving the nation off a cliff, no matter what you think. The other side just thinks it has a much better path to a mostly common goal.

2) You shouldn't treat politics as a team sport. If you want to talk poop with rivals, maybe you should invest yourself in sports a little more. For all of its flaws, politics is more serious than sport. But that doesn't mean that you hate the other side the way Packers and Bears fans might hate each other.

3) Your side ain't all that, believe it or not. It is just as flawed as the other side, and it is wrong just as often as the other side. Some humility is in order when the American public rejects you for being wrong.

4) Pissing and moaning about the voters isn't constructive. They aren't dumb, and they aren't "re-tarded". They aren't always right, but they often move together for very specific reasons. Some reflection might be in order.

5) If you are fully invested in your party's propaganda, you should probably give up politics for a while. There is no sacred constituency a given politician won't screw if it means re-election. No, not even yours.

6) Mandates are over rated. So is political capital. When either legitimately occurs, their existence is fleeting. When it comes time to vote, it will always come down to "am I (or are we) better off now than we were last time we did this." Your elected official's job, regardless of party, is to make sure you say yes.

7) All those "unpopular" things elected officials do? Yeah, they do them because of #6. They legitimately think they are doing what will make you feel better off come the next election. Sometimes instead of blaming the politician, we should be blaming ourselves a little more.

8) I know many people segregate themselves socially based on party affiliation/political beliefs. You really shouldn't, because you are all missing out on a lot of terrific people.

9) Don't waste your breath/ink/pixels saying that you are going to leave (location x) or move to (location y). It shows a lack of fortitude. The next power shift is as soon as two years away. Spend your energies there if you believe so strongly.

10) If you think your political opponents are stupid, you are wrong and you should probably invest some effort in getting to know why, or you'll start finding yourself on the losing end quite often.

When You Vote Today...

...Capper wants you to know that bad policy is fine as long as it is done by a Democrat.

These are WI Democrats. They Think WI College Students are Dumb

This campaign piece paid for by the Wisconsin Democrat party was distributed on the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus. It may meet a friendly audience on a campus, but if I had received it in the days when I was both a Democrat and a college student, I'd have been pretty peeved at the condescending tone of it. By the way, I'm told that this item violated campus policy in some way.

The Tone Deafness of Democrats Epitomized

Well done, Dems. In one final push towards electoral obliteration, you antagonized anyone not in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, or Dane County.

Just days before an election that could decide the fate of a planned high-speed rail line, state and federal administrators quietly signed a deal to commit the state to spending all $810 million of the federal stimulus cash allocated to the Milwaukee-to-Madison route, transportation officials confirmed Monday.

The unannounced weekend agreement frees outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle's administration to sign contracts for much if not all of the work. That could hamstring efforts by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans to kill the project and spend the money on something else if they take control of the governor's office and either or both chambers of the state Legislature and Congress on Tuesday.

You just lost any hope you had outstate, Democrats. Well done.

Monday, November 01, 2010

When you go to vote tomorrow...

...just remember that your current government is well on the way to stagflating us to prosperity!

Good Job, Ron

Going into this election, I was very, very concerned. I saw the weaknesses Democrats had, and I knew that Republicans ABSOLUTELY HAD to beat Russ Feingold this cycle. If they couldn't do it, he was likely going to own that seat until he chose to give it up. Given that, I hitched my wagon onto Dick Leinenkugel early on. Despite his shaky credentials, I had decided that it was better to elect a RINO that could be replaced later than to allow Feingold to entrench his ownership of that seat. And I didn't see anyone else who I thought could get the job done.

Ron Johnson is well on his way to getting the job done, and you can count the Jib of last February very surprised. Few people outside of his local business environment knew who the guy was, and we'd already seen that act in Tim Michels. But Johnson has capitalized on the political environment and run a solid, if not overly spectacular, campaign. I didn't think he could do it, and I was wrong. We won't know if he got the job done until 24 hours-plus from now. But I will admit, he was the best candidate to kick Feingold out on his ass.

If I were Milwaukee...

...Or Kenosha, or Racine, or Sheboygan, or Green Bay, I'd start making myself damn attractive to outsiders. As water limitations start to choke the big cities of the southwest and the southeast, areas around the Great Lakes are going to become very, very attractive to people.