Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Aaron Rodgers' Mustache Eve!

12/12/12 is Aaron Rodgers Day here in Wisconsin, but much like Christmas, the fun actually begins tonight with Aaron Rodgers' Mustache Eve. Tonight, all Wisconsinites will sing Packers carols like "The Bears Still Suck" and leave our jock straps and sports bras out in front of our candle lit Vince Lombardi shrines. After we go to sleep, Aaron Rodgers' mustache will travel about the state in an instant. Good Wisconsinites will receive cheese and sausage and beer in their sports undergarments (still sealed for hygene's sake). Bad Wisconsinites will find their sports undergarments smeared with Icy Hot and filled with Bears and Vikings tickets. And containing a facsimile Mike McCarthy mustache. So be good, and a discount double check to all!