Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barbershop Politics, Wisconsin April 5th Election Edition

I love going to the barber and just listening to the political discussion. The discourse is very different from what it is in more wonky places, and it can shed some light on what average voters are thinking and saying. This morning I had the chance to listen in, and while the conversation was a bit limited, here are a couple of things that I learned.

+ The shop had real difficulty remembering JoAnne Kloppenburg's name. But that is not necessarily a good sign for Justice David Prosser because it seems that the sleazy 3rd party tactics on behalf of Kloppenburg are sticking in people's minds. In addition to the union turn out, if these people enter a voting booth, they might be voting "not Prosser."

+ There was a sense that it wasn't Governor Walker's place to end collective bargaining for most things for government employees. At the same time, there was no anger about it, either. I think that's one that only the unions will hold onto tightly until the Governor is eligible for recall.

+ President Obama has been tuned out.

+ The average voter right now has a lot of confused facts, from basic to big. At this stage, I think that plays into the hands of the chaos strategy being played out by the unions.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Maybe Some Fleebaggers Are Signaling for Help?

One of the more baffling trends to emerge from the Illinois 14 the past several days has been the conflicting messages that have been coming out of their camp. At first I thought it was dissension, but then my trusty dog Lassie started to bark at an image on TV of Mark Miller. According to Lassie, certain Senators are in danger and being held against their will and are trying to signal us with their bizarre behavior. Oh yeah, and Timmy Cullen is in the well (joke stolen from a Rock County yard sign).

Reminder: We Are a Republic

For the past several weeks, the "This is What Democracy Looks Like" slogan in Madison protests has been grinding on me. I've ignored it because we do colloquially refer to ourselves as a democracy. We are not, however. We are a Republic with representative government. The Founding Fathers did not trust pure democracy because it was vulnerable to the passions of the people, i.e., mob mentalities. Thus, they placed checks and balances on even democracy with our Republic form of government. So I say, if that is what democracy looks like, then I think maybe the Founders were right after all. And maybe some teachers should brush up on their civics.

Friday, March 04, 2011

WIAA Buying TV Commercials?

I just saw a commercial from the WIAA on WKOW promoting sportsmanship. As a former high school athlete, I'm all for sportsmanship. I don't care where the money comes from, but should the WIAA be buying ANY TV commercials on the subject? Especially at an hour when their student athletes should be sleeping in preparation for a new day of learning? Push it down to the coaches, WIAA. It'll be cheaper and a hell of a lot more effective.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Right, Jealous?

I am finding it strange that so many protesters in Wisconsin are directing class warfare themes at the right. I can tell you that the right is not driven by class warfare, and I can tell you who absolutely cannot survive without it: Union Bosses. Their entire power and place in society is dependent upon stoking the fires of jealousy and class warfare. If the people they represented actually realized that they don't have it bad at all, they'd be a little more willing to consider life without their mandatory union dues. So rank and file union members, consider this. If I wanted your job, I'd already have it. It didn't take much exploration of the public sector (and I did explore it) for me to realize that I would resent the absence of meritocracy, though. The next time you want to toss your class warfare themes this way, stop a moment to consider the fact that your real bosses in the unions, most of whom make 6 figures, are utterly reliant on you believing those very class warfare themes.

It is 10 pm...

Do you know where your Wisconsin Democrat State Senator son is, Mr. and Mrs. Erpenbach?

Five more Suggestions for Clearing the Capitol

Again, stolen by me from my Twitter Feed:

+ Free Scooby Doo marathon in Lisa Link Peace Park.
+ Klieg lights and greatest speeches of 'The Original Hitler' George W. Bush at 120 Db.
+ Announce that zombie Nixon and Dick Cheney are brain eating their way into the building.
+ Have Jimmy Carter negotiate their right to stay in the capitol.
+ Set up Koch Bros. dunk tank on King St.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

5 Suggestions for Clearing the Capitol

Stolen by me from my Twitter Feed:

+ Spray bottles filled with soapy water. Cats hate them, and they at least lick themselves.
+ Hand out fliers announcing Gordon Hintz appreciation day at The Rising Sun.
+ Have Glenn Grothman sprint through the capitol and up East Wash.
+ Tell remaining protesters there is free love being served at the Brat.
+ Hand out very limited time Groupons for free "incense" at The Pipefitter on State.

It Is 10 pm...

Do you know where your Wisconsin Democrat State Senator son is, Mr. and Mrs. Erpenbach?

A Crazy Wednesday in Madison?

We shall see. The rumor mill is definitely grinding some grain tonight.

Twitter is Almost Too Fast

I've been dipping my toe in the waters of the Twitterverse the past couple of weeks, trying to understand the culture and get my tweetiquette down pat. While I can already see the advantages an instantaneous service like this provides, in some ways it can almost move faster than information can appropriately processed sometimes. The unverified info and the instant analysis can be dangerous there.