Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barbershop Politics, Wisconsin April 5th Election Edition

I love going to the barber and just listening to the political discussion. The discourse is very different from what it is in more wonky places, and it can shed some light on what average voters are thinking and saying. This morning I had the chance to listen in, and while the conversation was a bit limited, here are a couple of things that I learned.

+ The shop had real difficulty remembering JoAnne Kloppenburg's name. But that is not necessarily a good sign for Justice David Prosser because it seems that the sleazy 3rd party tactics on behalf of Kloppenburg are sticking in people's minds. In addition to the union turn out, if these people enter a voting booth, they might be voting "not Prosser."

+ There was a sense that it wasn't Governor Walker's place to end collective bargaining for most things for government employees. At the same time, there was no anger about it, either. I think that's one that only the unions will hold onto tightly until the Governor is eligible for recall.

+ President Obama has been tuned out.

+ The average voter right now has a lot of confused facts, from basic to big. At this stage, I think that plays into the hands of the chaos strategy being played out by the unions.

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