Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial to the Fallen

It is Memorial Day. We often treat this as a day of celebration, of cookouts, drinks, and loved ones. In many ways, we should, as long as we remember our fallen, those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this life of ours. They fought for brotherhood, but they fought for loved ones, too. But remember them in celebration.

I am blessed. I have many relatives and friends who have served, and vets who have returned. I am thankful for them every Veteran's Day. But for those of you have have served, and vets who have returned, please do be accepting of thanks this day. I know it is an emotionally complicated thing - today is for the fallen. But many people are supremely grateful that you are still here, and that they can still embrace you and express their gratitude.

Memorial Day is a busy day in American life. But if you do have time, stop by a local cemetery. Find a military grave that looks forgotten. Pause, remember the name, and quietly say thank you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Trails, Boots and Sabers.

My best wishes to Owen, Wendy, and their family. Boots and Sabers has closed shop (unlike Jiblog, which just SEEMS to have closed shop). I hope we can cross paths again one day.