Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fire Destroys Fort Atkinson Apartments

If this is the complex that I think it is, the lovely Mrs. Jib almost rented a place here 9 years ago after graduating from college.

A passerby saw flames shooting out of a second story apartment of a 32-unit complex in Fort Atkinson before entering the burning structure, banging on doors and alerting residents who all safely escaped the blaze before it destroyed their homes.

All have been displaced and lost their homes and belongings at 1521 Commonwealth Drive where Fort Atkinson Fire Capt. Mark Schoenleber said the building is considered a total loss today. The American Red Cross is assisting residents with temporary shelter.

By the sounds of it, a passerby and police did an excellent job of ensuring that there was no loss of life.  I wish I could provide further coverage of this story, seeing that I live less than a mile away, but I'm getting codgerly and was asleep by 11 last night.  I never even heard the fire trucks or the helicopter that I'm told hovered and monitored the site early this morning.

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