Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Psst! Yeah You. Shh! Did Ya Know Bush Reads?

I meant to comment on this last week, but I was doing a lot of running. It is a story that got under my skin something awful, and I'll explain why after the snippet.

It is perhaps something they should have told us sooner: George W. Bush is a voracious reader. “In the 35 years I’ve known George W. Bush, he’s always had a book nearby,” writes Karl Rove in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal.

It was a story much commented on by various writing airheads who expressed surprise, and some of whom saw the titles Bush chose as somehow intellectually insulating. Well, I've got a surprise for them. I've known for probably six years that President Bush was a voracious reader. It really wasn't a surprise, unless of course you are the type that thought the President was a chimp and a dullard. Of course, if you are in that camp, it also marks you as intellectually incurious and insulated, because Bush's love for reading has been much written about in non-liberal, non-BDS circles for years.

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