Saturday, October 09, 2010

I Made A Mistake Becoming a Conservative

Why? Because apparently Libertarians are the smart ones amongst us (God knows they pat themselves on their back enough for being such) because they've positioned themselves amongst us so they can never be wrong. Let me tell you where I'm coming from here. Long story short, I had the pleasure of doing a little catching on some blogs this week. I was reading one Libertarian blogger, and I learned that he really, really disliked Scott Walker because he just wasn't a pure enough conservative so as to appeal to a good Libertarian. But later, I learned that he really disliked Scott Walker because he wasn't pragmatic enough to get good, conservative things done. Too 'hard headed,' I guess. Well, I guess here in the real world, we either get to be pure in principal or effectively pragmatic. But in Libertarian world, you can always be a correct critic of everyone because you can't be either and still a Libertarian. Or at least a Libertarian that actually wins a political seat somewhere.

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