Monday, December 06, 2010

A Hate Crime and the MediaThought

This has been gnawing at me for a couple of months now. The Wisconsin media has been referring to some crimes at University of Wisconsin system schools as hate crimes. Hate crimes are unique in that you have to know who committed the crime and why. In most of these crimes, the who and the why have not yet been determined. They appear to be hate crimes. They are supposedly committed by hateful whites/straights. Allegedly, all of them are 100% true reports. If I'm not mistaken, supposedly, allegedly, and appear are all AP Style Guide approved words when there is still any doubt about the crime. Yet I see none of the Wisconsin media using them.


Dad29 said...

You, too, get the odor of barnyard waste?

Jib said...

The stink is rather strong where I sit.

Dad29 said...

The MSM needs something to write about.

We note that one of the "Crimes" (!!!) listed is 'removal of a poster' --which poster advertised some sort of GLB meeting or whatever.

Pretty soon, sitting on one's porch during a GLB march will be a "crime."