Tuesday, August 21, 2007

History Channel highlights 9/11 kook theories

I am very disappointed by the History Channel. In reality, nothing that a channel that runs a lot of shows on UFO's should surprise or disappoint me, but just the same, their show 9/11 Conspiracies-Fact or Fiction does disappoint me. They are only furthering the nutty theories that a small number of kooks have perpetrated on any number of naive Americans. As a result, we're going to spend even more wasted time and dollars addressing these conspiracy theories for years to come.

I'll shoot down all of the U.S. Government conspiracies right now in one fell swoop for any of you believers out there. The U.S. Government is significantly incompetent, and thus incapable of keeping any major, publicly significant secrets. If Pearl Harbor or JFK or 9/11 were conspiracies, some insider would have sold their story for millions. Not only would it make them fabulously rich to tell the whole story, it would also be the best way to ensure their safety. It hasn't happened, not because of any threats to their safety, but rather because there were no conspiracies.

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