Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pointless study of the week: Cats have short memories

Ten minutes, they say:

A new study has measured just low long cats can remember certain kinds of information—10 minutes.

The research was designed primarily to compare cats' working memory of their recent movements with their visual memories, and found that cats remember better with their bodies than their eyes when they have encountered an object placed in their path by say, an annoying owner or experimenter.

I'm not so sure about their study. I think I can definitively prove that they have microscopically short attention spans. My laser pointer has proven to be the most useful tool to get our cat to stop doing something (I believe every new kitten should come with a free laser pointer). If you have ever disciplined a cat, however, then you know that they have a long, long memory and a vindictive spirit. "Certain kinds of information" would have to be the key phrase, here.

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