Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Power outage musings

We have thunderstorms tracking over us this afternoon and a little while ago they caused a power outage. Here were my immediate thoughts as the TV went off:

*Where do I have the flashlights and emergency radio/TV?
*Sh*t, I haven't purchased batteries in a long time.
*I won't be able to open the fridge until the power comes back. Should I grab a couple of beers while it is still cold?
*Yes, I should.
*Okay, the flashlights and stuff are in the basement...where it is completely dark. Good planning, smart guy.
*(Standing in the basement) If the power stays off, should I break into the disaster wine supply (aka wine cellar) down here?
*Dammit, I need to fix these stairs. They're more dangerous than a storm.
*(Back upstairs) Ya know, if you still had dial up you could be online blogging this on the laptop.

You'll all be happy to hear the power outage only lasted 5 minutes. The disaster wine supply is safe and the beer is still cold.

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