Thursday, August 30, 2007

The good news is that nobody ate it

The bad news is a German man lost part of his head to a bad fridge.

A German court has awarded 3,000 euros ($4,100) in damages to a man who had to have the top of his skull replaced with plastic because of a faulty hospital fridge.

Doctors removed the top of the man's head and put it in cold storage while they operated on his brain, the court in the western city of Koblenz said Tuesday.

Because the refrigerator was defective, the section of skull was not kept cool enough and could not be reattached. Doctors replaced the bone with a plastic prosthesis.

I've worked in offices where people would graze on just about anything in the fridge that wasn't there's. At least the surgeons didn't walk in to find the OBGYN gnawing on the piece of head.

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