Sunday, August 26, 2007

A question for my aviator readers

Last night the lovely Mrs. Jib and I were out on our deck enjoying a fire. At one point, I was watching a propellered plane of some sort flying over head at, if I had to guess, about 2,500 feet or so. As it got directly over us, the engine went silent, and that was immediately followed by a loud pop. We were both somewhat alarmed as we never heard the engine start back up as the plane left our sight line because of our trees. Does anyone out there know what might have happened in the air above us last night? I see no news reports of any crashes, so I'm guessing the pilot handled the situation, if there was a situation.

I almost wonder if the pilot made an emergency landing at the local airport a couple of miles from us because about 5 or 10 minutes later, another plane flew very low over our house towards the airport. It was unusual for two reasons. First, we don't typically see planes that low over our house despite the airport. Second, the engine sounded more like a diesel engine for a class 8 truck than a plane. If anyone can toss in their two cents on the unusual sights in out sky last night, I'd appreciate it.

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