Monday, October 22, 2007

B.S. Alarms Hit Rare Eddie Haskell Levels in Eau Claire

This amused me. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram brings us the story of the Girls Gone Wild bus that visited the Water Street bar The Pickle last Friday. In it, they talk with a UW Eau Claire freshman who had this to say:

"I'm against the objectification of women," he said. His friends declined to comment.

What a fine lad, right? Well, now let's work in the context.

UW-Eau Claire freshman Dan Bock and two of his friends took cell-phone pictures of each other in front of the coach bus Friday afternoon. Bock said he has never seen a "Girls Gone Wild" video.

I'm guessing his friends declined to comment because they were laughing too hard. But hey, if smarmy works for Bock, more power to him.

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