Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yet Another Profitable Idea From Me to the Recording Industry

I've offered up profitable ideas to the record industry at least one time here at Jiblog. I'd link to it/them, but frankly, I don't care about the record industry enough to do the search. Anyway, here's my thought. Digital music is certainly a growth sector. People love buying music online. But there is an old school segment of the market that still isn't all that big on the internet. So for them, and for some who are internet savvy but love shopping at bricks and mortar stores, set up kiosks in record stores and big boxes. Partner with flash drive manufacturers, and at these kiosks sell flash drives filled with music that the user can sample and select from on the computer screen. Offer several different flash drive sizes at different prices, and for each size let the consumers fill it up with music. Is it a great deal? Probably not as great a deal as buying music online, but it would fill a niche. I know that if I were shopping and I wanted to get a 'no reason' gift for the lovely Mrs. Jib, I'd bite on the chance to buy her a 'mix tape' for the 21st century.

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