Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Leinenkugel Question

Okay, if anyone in Wisconsin is still reading me, I have an honest question for you. Let's say Tommy Thompson does not challenge Russ Feingold for Senate, and reports that Dick Leinenkugel will against him as a Republican are true. I will give you all the fact that Leinenkugel's politics are questionable given the fact that he voluntarily served Governor Droopy Dog. But even if he is a left of center Republican, he still might be the only guy not named Thompson who has a chance in hell of putting up a challenge to Feingold. So my question is this: Would you rather six more years of Feingold because Leinenkugel isn't a died in the wool conservative, or would you rather accept his flaws for a less radically liberal Senator from Wisconsin?


Anonymous said...

The question is, how much less liberal is Leinenkugel?

The rumor mill is going strong - WISN's Jay Weber is touting Oshkosh businessman/Tea Party founder Ron Johnson, James Wigderson's saying Ted Kanavas might jump in. The problem is, the Dems have no primaries of note (unless you count lieutenant governor), so they'll be more than glad to foist Leinenkugel and Neumann on us.

Off-topic - you really should fix the template to get the comments visible on individual posts.

Jib said...

You're right, I should. But this place is pretty low down on my list of priorities these days and I don't see my self sitting down with the code anytime soon.

Zach W. said...

I'd rather see six more years of Russ Feingold, but I'm biased.

In all seriousness though, I don't think Dick Leinenkugel would have a better chance against Russ Feingold than someone like Terrence Wall.

Jib said...

I should clarify one thing...knowing nothing of his politics, I'm not going so far as to endorse Leinenkugel yet. Knowing the family a bit, though, I'm reasonably confident that he's not a raging lefty, even though he served in Doyle's cabinet. But my issue with the state Republican party is this. It continues to run candidates that have no experience and whom nobody knows. Like it or not, Feingold is respected in this state. Candidates like that, like Wall, no matter how great a conservative they may be, will continue to get killed. At least Leinenkugel would wipe out the "nobody knows" portion and give Republicans name recognition. And I would not rather see 6 more years of Russ. Period. If he doesn't lose this year, he owns that seat for life. Mark my words.