Saturday, October 15, 2005

Diane Sykes for SCOTUS

There's been a quiet buzz around the Badgersphere about Diane Sykes' prospects in the SCOTUS nomination process. I've avoided it because I know little about her and thus didn't want to be a homer. Jessica McBride has some information that is getting me excited about the possibility of a Sykes nomination:

A Diane Sykes candidacy for the SCOTUS is far more viable than the
mainstream media have reported. I received this email from a Conservative

A friend of ours (NAME REMOVED BY ME) was in Washington the last
week of September lobbying with REMOVED BY ME. He said when they were in
(Congressman Jim) Sensenbrenner's office, Sensenbrenner on his own brought up
the topic of SCOTUS. Bear in mind this was before Miers was announced as
nominee. Sensenbrenner told the small group assembled that Bush's next nominee
would NOT be confirmed and that Bush's next nominee (after that) was going to be
Diane Sykes!

McBride goes on to list a series of points that show how politically advantageous a Sykes nomination could be. If the Miers nomination fails, and the President followed it up with a Sykes nomination, I would gladly forgive and forget the last few weeks the President has put us through.

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