Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sad losses for Chippewa Falls

TMJ4 has announced the names of those lost in the Chi-Hi marching band bus crash near Osseo, WI. The names are as follows:
Douglas Greenhalgh, 48
Therese Greenhalgh, 51
Morgan Greenhalgh, 11
Brandon Atherton, 24
Paul Rasmus, 78
Douglas Greenhalgh was the shool's band director, Therese his wife, and Morgan their granddaughter. Brandon Atherton was a student teacher, and Paul Rasmus was the bus driver.

I went to Chi-Hi, and I met Greenhalgh several times, but I never had him as an instructor. I remember Greenhalgh being much beloved by his students, who often referred to him with the affectionate nickname "Gee". His bands were always excellent, and they were an asset to the community. The credit for that belongs to him. He will be missed by the city, the school, and the students.

This will be especially difficult for the Greenhalgh family. They should be in all of our prayers. It will also be difficult for current students and staff, and also all of Greenhalgh's past students.

Please also include the Rasmus and Atherton families in your prayers.

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