Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mixing Vegas and Wisconsin

Over at the Journal Sentinel, Mandy Jenkins discusses her recent visit to Las Vegas in her blog:
As much fun as it was to keep an eye on everyone in Vegas, I was ready for disinteresting quiet on the redeye flight home. Wisconsin again did not show up to sit quietly. Settling into my seat after two plane delays, I quickly noticed that the middle-aged couple in front of me were completely obliterated (I spent the delays reading, they spent it getting liquored up). I (and everyone else within a few rows) could hear them start arguments over every little verbal misstep, ranting in slurred drunk-speak. As the stewardess went down the aisle to check seat belts and hand out pillows, the woman grabbed her arm and asked for a Jack 'n Coke (what is it with the JD?). The attendant looked taken aback. “Um ... we don’t offer in-flight drink service until we’re at cruising altitude.”

When that time came, the woman wanted another drink, but her husband talked her into getting some soda, straight-up. Within seconds, she had dumped the drink all over her seat, all over the arm of her man’s UW sweatshirt and all over my bag under her seat. So they were moved across the aisle and thankfully passed out....
From Wednesday through Saturday of this coming week, things will be sporadic here as I will be working in Vegas. Yes, believe it or not, some people do work there. If history is any guide, I am going to be exhausted by the time I board the plane back to Milwaukee. I can handle seeing everything Mandy saw in Vegas, but by the time I get on that plane Saturday night, all I will want is peace and quiet. Something tells me I won't get it.

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