Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Truck jackknifed one or two minutes before crash

Tucked away in an Eau Claire Leader Telegram article on the Chi-Hi bus accident is this paragraph:
Kozlowski’s truck overturned one or two minutes before the bus carrying students, staff members and chaperones in the Chippewa Falls Senior High School Fighting Cardinals marching band crashed into it, accident investigators said.
That is a little bit disturbing. I'm very familiar with that stretch of road. It is very, very dark on moonless nights and a little hilly with some sweeping curves, but no real blind spots. As long as the semi driver still had his lights on the truck (the trailer would have been difficult or impossible to see tipped on its side), the bus driver should have been able to see something was wrong ahead of him and been able to at least slow and greatly minimize the impact. If the lights were off on the truck, and the driver turned them off, then he is in a lot of trouble. If the truck lost all lighting due to the jackknife, then the logistics of this whole thing makes more sense.

I hesitate to even bring this up because the reports on how this accident played out are still so dicey, but there is something odd about that one or two minutes in between events.

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