Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Siege

I'm watching The Siege on the History Channel right now, and it is amazing how very wrong this movie got it, yet how dead on it is in some aspects. It is also disturbing to judge a movie like this on events that followed it.

Additional notes
*It is amazing how much this movie underestimated the intestinal fortitude of the American people in the face of terror.
*It is eery to see the twin towers in a skyline shot during a movie about terrorism in NYC.
*Did you know Arianna Huffington makes a brief appearance in the movie? In her shot, she's on a talk show arguing in favor of martial law following terrorist attacks. Think she'd take that position now that she's become a Democrat?
*In 1998, Hollywood was still willing to portray Islamic terrorists. Now that we've taken a grievous hit from Islamic terrorists, Hollywood avoids them like the plague.
*Things the movie got right: Terrorists using student Visas, their willingness to attack schools, and the need to put pressure on every source available to get the intel needed.

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