Friday, May 26, 2006

Al Gore, Einstein incarnate

With the media fawning over Al Gore this week and his scientific credentials on global warming, I just thought I'd point out a paragraph from an article on his college experience in the March 19, 2000 Washington Post:

For all of Gore's later fascination with science and technology, he often struggled academically in those subjects. The political champion of the natural world received that sophomore D in Natural Sciences 6 (Man's Place in Nature) and then got a C-plus in Natural Sciences 118 his senior year. The self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet avoided all courses in mathematics and logic throughout college, despite his outstanding score on the math portion of the SAT. As was the case with many of his classmates, his high school math grades had dropped from A's to C's as he advanced from trigonometry to calculus in his senior year.

That isn't to say that Al Gore is dead wrong about global warming. I'm just saying that everyone should carefully consider who their source is.

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