Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Money, influence, or attention?

Sirius Satellite Radio, the brand that I bought my dad last Christmas, made Howard Stern a very wealthy man, and it brought Stern a lot of attention earlier this year when he switched over. Stern is still rich, but his influence and attention are waning, so now rumors are flying:

Forget the various rumors and rumblings. Howard Stern made it clear Wednesday morning: He's staying put on satellite radio.

"I'm very flattered terrestrial radio can't let go of me," Stern said on his morning radio show. "But I would throw up if I had to go back. I'm never going back."

Remember those words. The FCC was the perfect foil for Stern, and butting heads with them had the side effect of fans lavishing him with attention. I give it until 2008, and Stern will be back on terrestrial radio.

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