Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mary Landrieu should support drilling in ANWR

Lousiana Senator Mary Landrieu should support drilling in ANWR. Why? Because her storm battered Louisiana and New Orleans could possibly benefit. It has been said that one problem with drilling in ANWR is that, unlike natural gas, oil cannot be piped over the Rockies due to its thick consistency. The oil would either have to be only piped to the West Coast, where a portion of it would likely be exported to Asia, or shipped via tanker to the East Coast...or the Gulf Coast. What bigger boon could there be to the tattered Gulf Coast region than a growth in the storm damaged oil and refinery business? Everyone is worried about whether New Orleans can ever return to the major city it was prior to Katrina. Why not give the city a boost then by making it the Eastern United States hub for Alaskan oil in this day and age of expensive petroleum?

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