Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gmail sucks

Gmail is an okay application but not a great one. One area where is particularly falls short is in group conversations. If you don’t use Gmail (and who doesn’t, it seems like), let me explain. When you have a conversation in Gmail, it stacks the responses. Whereas on other email applications, each response is its own separate email, in Gmail it becomes part of a thread attached to the original email.

This afternoon I started a lively little group conversation. Sometimes during group conversations, little sidebar conversations develop amongst participants. With Gmail, if you aren’t careful, you can easily send your sidebar email to the wrong person. That happened today (not to me, though). It was a bit embarrassing for the person involved and irritating for the person who got the mail. So today’s lesson is: Gmail’ers, always check and double check your to: line before sending.

Ah yes, but Gmail does not suck as bad as Outlook does. I emailed this post to Blogger in February or March. It never went through, so I re-wrote the post in Blogger. I also blamed Blogger for the problem. As it turns out, after I hit the send button in Outlook, this email and about 3 others hung out together in some shady back ally of the internet. Something last night finally kicked all 4 of them loose (there may have been more, I'm not sure). This is like sending a love via the U.S. Postal Service and seeing it finally delivered 13 years later...and two years after divorcing the addressee.

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