Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A peak inside Hastert's mind

Denny Hastert's recent blow up over the warrant served to search William Jefferson's and his subsequent complaints about the separation of powers has been mind numbingly stupid on Hastert's part. Again in Blankley's column today, we get a little peak what might have been behind Hastert's actions:

It is hard to believe that the speaker's unlikely outburst was entirely motivated by the incident in question. Rather -- though the speaker may not yet recognize the fuller source of his passion -- it may be simply the last straw.

The previous hundred bales of straw may well have been the White House's unseemly firing of Hastert's good friend CIA Director Porter Goss -- another event that occurred without the White House having the courtesy and common sense to previously inform the speaker.

Other bales of straw may include the Dubai Port deal, the president's egregious immigration initiative and last year's failed Social Security initiative (which was hotly, if privately, opposed on political grounds by Hastert's House).

It has been a hard year for House Republican/ White House relations. And it will get worse if the leaders of both institutions don't get a grip.

That says it all. It doesn't excuse Hastert's foolishness on this, but at least it helps explain where all of this might be coming from.

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