Friday, May 19, 2006

Venezuela "war games" an invasion

Paranoia runs wild in the world today.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has for years predicted that a foreign
army would attack the South American nation to snatch its vast oil reserves.
A simulation conducted this week showed how it might happen.

A naval landing craft made landfall on the shores of Western Falcon state
carrying troops and over a dozen camouflaged tanks. The "invading" army then took over the massive Paraguana Refining Complex, a key asset of the world's No. 5 crude exporter.

The "occupation" is part of a military exercise to train troops and communities to repel a foreign invader.
"We're willing to go anywhere to defend our homeland," said Rosmery Trujillo, a participant in the operation, told state television. "This country will never again
be put under the boot of the North, thanks to our President Chavez."

Methinks Chavez's personal motto right now is "ignorance is a terrible thing to waste."

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